I am a scientist and an engineer. As a scientist I aim to seek the truth. As an engineer I crave for practical solutions to problems.

Dr. Luis F. Copertari was born in Córdoba, Argentina, on December 1st, 1972. At age nine, in October 1982, he emigrated to México. What can you carry with you on an airplane? Well…, a lot of lego-like building blocks (called “rasti”) for making our own toys (both my brother and I) and playing using our imagination, discipline for studying and working, and creativity in facing a new world.

México became his new home and, although hard at times, Luis managed to get accepted as equal and became a Mexican citizen.

Luis does not believe in violence. Violence is so popular because it feels good. Take away the adrenaline rush and the pleasant sensations associated to violence and you get an empty act.

Luis believes in the power of “Karate Do”, which is Japanese meaning the path of the empty hand. Luis has been practicing Karate since he was a little kid in Argentina, througout his teenage years in México and also while doing his Ph.D. in Canada. Luis believes that if you hold a gun, it is because you mean to use it, so he does not believe in the power of guns, rather in the power of ideas.

Luis has been working as a full time professor at the Autonomous University of Zacatecas (UAZ) as part of the Computer Engineering Program for about two decades. It is a public and almost free university. Luis believes it is important to be in Zacatecas, México, teaching, where his expertise matters and it can make a difference in the lives of many young students.

He graduated with honors as an Industrial and Systems Engineer from the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Advanced Studies (ITESM). He received a Master in Business Administration majored in Finance, also from ITESM. He then completed a Ph.D. in Management Science and Information Systems from McMaster University (Canada). He has carried out postdoctoral work on Artificial Intelligence at the University of Auckland, in Auckland, New Zealand.


You can reach Dr. Copertari by e-mail at copertari@yahoo.com or at copertari@uaz.edu.mx.

You may also wish to contact Dr. Gloria Velia Reyna Barajas or visit her website by clicking here. Gloria Velia is a founding member of the research workteam at LIAHM.