I started doing consulting for a medium-sized tiling manufacturing company called CESANTONI. After that, I coached students into doing their own consulting on the successful application of linear programming for optimization, and I published the results of the cases resulting from part of that effort. Currently, I am considering doing consulting on the optimization of the automation of operations. Even more important than that, I am working on my own methodology for comprehensive project management. I have created software called Schedule based on my methodology, and I am hoping to be able to do consulting and transfer my expertise on the subject to well known project management software platforms such as Microsoft Project or Oracle’s Primavera.

I was born and raised in Argentina. I was educated in México y and did my Ph.D. in Canada. Thus, I have a truly Pan American view, from South to North America. If you are an investor having dollars, pounds or euros, America (all of America, not just the United States of America) offers unique investment opportunities.

If you need a highly trained workforce, then Argentina (and in particular, the Buenos Aires-Rosario-Córdoba industrial corridor) is your best option. Argentina has a relatively low population (about 40 million people) and they have really good free public universities, such as the University of Buenos Aires in Buenos Aires and Córdoba National University in Córdoba. The average Argentinian dresses formally, is well educated, and tends to consider himself as European (at least in origin) rather than Argentinian.

On the other hand, if what you need is a low trained workforce relatively cheap, then México is your best option for your investment endeavor. México has a relatively high and very young population (about 120 million total). They are hard working and very creative. In particular, I advice the north-center of México (Aguascalientes and the surroinding region), because it is very well connected to the rest of México and to the United States via its railroad system or the Pacific or the Atlantic by means of their high volume ports. Also, the north-center region is not so crowded and it means having a more confortable lifestyle.

Finally, if your investment is capital intensive and requires a lot of water and cheap electricity, then Canada (and the Quebec-Montreal-Ottawa-Hamilton-Toronto-Niagara Falls industrial belt in particular) is you best choice. Alternatively, if your investment requires a connection with Asia, then Vancouver would be the best alternative.

I have experience living in Argentina, México and Canada, and I can provide consulting according to your specific needs.