Schedule is a specialized probabilistic software for project management. It includes all three dimensions of a project (time, cost and performance -measuring performance by the project’s Internal Rate of Return) at once. It is ideal when analyzing projects on a high level of abstraction. The software is based on about two decades of research and development, which started with my Ph.D. thesis entitled “Time, Cost and Performance tradeoffs in Project Management” at McMaster University, finished by January 2002. Schedule version 2.3 can be downloaded for free by clicking here. Schedule is different from typical project management software such as Microsoft Project or Oracle Primavera, because it allows the user to see all three project management dimensions at once and see their tradeoffs among themselves and their inherent risk in a comprehensive way. Thus, Schedule has been built to give project managers a strategic and probabilistical (risk-oriented) view of the whole project. You can also download the manual by clicking here. In case you or your company is interested in sharing the proprietary technology, do not hesitate to contact me at my e-mail address. You can download the source code for Schedule version 2.3 (developed using Delphi 7) by clicking here.