Programa de Ingeniería en Computación (Computer Engineering Program)

Luis started teaching very early in life. When we was in senior High School he taught in a summer camp for children Logo programming and playing the flute.

Doing his Ph.D. training, he taught a course entitled “Introduction to Information Systems” to a class of about 120 students. He tried to get feedback from his students by posting yes/no questions in a show of hands. He also took a specializing course entitled “Principles and Practice of University Teaching” at McMaster during his Ph.D. years that prepared him for teaching later on in his life.

He has been teaching at UAZ several courses, including “Operations Research”, “Differencial Equations”, “Signals and Systems”, “Electromagnetism”, “Introduction to Artificial Intelligence”, “Visual and Event Driven Programming”, “Advanced Algebra, Trigonometry and Analitical Geometry”, “Linear Algebra”, “Physics”, among others.

He has written several books and student textbooks. For all of the classes he teaches, he has written a textbook which he offers to his students for free, either in paper or electronic format. In the case of “Visual and Event Driven Programming” he tought that class in real time by being in front of the computer while his students write the computer code for each and every example reviewed.

Currently, I am working on a very comprehensive student textbook on Operations Research. This textbook constitutes quite a challenge, because Operations Research is an interdisciplinary area involving knowledge in very different domains of inquiry.

Following is a list of my textbooks with the course they are used for:

I have also written books having no particular course I am offering in mind. Following is a list of these books:

There is also a list of required software for some of my courses. Following is a list of such courses and the software required ready for download: