OptimalTSP means Optimal Traveling Salesman Problem. It is a Windows-based application developed to solve the Traveling Salesman Problem (also known as the Hamiltonian Path Problem) in deterministic polynomial time aimed at settling the P vs NP Problem. The application creates both asymmetrical and symmetrical TSP cost or distance matrices, automatically creates the LINGO code for checking the application’s solution, among other features. The sofware is a heuristic, meaning it only provides a solution close to the global optimal solution. However, when LINGO needs to be interrupted for taking too much time reaching, if any, a local optimal solution, Optimal TSP typically (on average) offers a solution better than the LINGO solution. That approximately happens for problems larger than 55 cities or destinations. You can download the Optimal TSP manual by clicking here. You can download the Optimal TSP installation (setup) softare by clicking here. You can download the source code for Optimal TSP (developed using Delphi 7) by clicking here.